All steaks include our Garden or Caesar Salad, one Mike’s Side and a freshly-baked roll.

  • Montana-Mike's-ribeye

    Ribeye Combo

    Make it a combo and pair it with any of our other delicious proteins. Fried or grilled shrimp, chicken, or ribs.
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  • Montana-Mike's-applewood-bacon-sirloin-baked-potato

    Applewood Bacon Sirloin

    A tender, USDA Choice sirloin topped with a mild horseradish sauce and smoked applewood bacon. 
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  • Montana-Mike's-creamey-cajun-shrimp-ribeye-baked-potato

    Creamy Cajun Shrimp Ribeye

    Our ribeye topped with grilled shrimp and smothered in Creamy Cajun sauce. 
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  • Montana-Mike's-new-york-strip-veggies

    New York Strip

    The cattleman’s favorite.
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  • Montana-Mike's-cowboy-bonein-ribeye-baked-potato

    Cowboy Bone-in Ribeye

    Guaranteed to please steak.
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  • Montana-Mike's-Mile-high-ribeye-baked-potato

    Mile High Ribeye

    Naturally aged, perfectly seasoned and grilled over an open flame.
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  • Montana-Mike's-prime-rib-mushrooms

    Prime Rib

    Varies by location.
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  • Montana-Mike's-ranchers-tbone-baked-potato2

    Ancho T-Bone

    Our Rancher’s T-Bone crusted with ancho pepper seasoning and topped with ancho butter. 
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  • Montana-Mike's-ranchers-tbone-baked-potato

    Rancher’s T-Bone

    The steak-lover’s steak! Good to the bone.
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  • Montana-Mike's-filet-mignon

    Filet Mignon

    Seasoned, grilled and lightly brushed with melted butter. 
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  • Montana-Mike's-usda-choice-sirloin

    USDA Choice Sirloin

    All of Montana Mike’s steaks are hand cut and seasoned with our special steak seasoning, brushed with garlic butter just prior to serving. 
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